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Enrolment Zone & More...

Can you believe that it’s the end of term 1 already? This year is just flying by, and we hope that everyone – students, teachers, staff and caregivers – enjoy a well-deserved break.

Implementation of the Greenacres School Enrolment Zone
After several months of liaising with the community, local schools and the Ministry of Education, we are pleased to advise that our enrolment zone is going to come into effect on May 1, the first day of term 2. The BoT determined that the implementation of a zone is essential to ease the pressures on our school. We are currently utilising every available space for teaching, and this is simply not sustainable in the long term. In the absence of getting new classrooms (which is not currently an option), an enrolment zone is the only method available to us to manage our space.

What the enrolment zone means for you
If your child is already enrolled at Greenacres School they are entitled to stay enrolled, regardless of whether you live in or out of zone. Enrolment means that they are currently attending school (not just an expression of intent to attend).
If you live out of zone, and have younger siblings that are not currently attending school, please advise the office as soon as possible. The process for future enrolments is legislated by the Ministry of Education and is applied in the following order:
  1.         Any applicant who is accepted for enrolment into a special programme run by the school (does not apply to Greenacres)
  2.          Any applicant who is the sibling of a current student of the school
  3.          Any applicant who is the sibling of a former student of the school
  4.          Any applicant who is the child of a former student of the school
  5.          Any applicant who is the child of an employee of the board of trustess or a child of a member of the board
  6.          All other applicants
More information about available places for next year will be advised later this year. 

Thank You!
The Board would like to sincerely thank everybody involved with the 2017 Gala. The time and effort that the committee put into organising the event, the generous donations from the school community leading up to the event and especially for all of your time on the day, made this year’s gala a great success. It is a highlight of the school year, and means we don’t need to continuously fundraise during the year.

BoT Profiles: Sharyn Richardson, Chairperson
Tell us about your family:
I’m married to Mark – you may see him around school from time to time, or in his distinctive orange and blue van around Tawa! We have three wonderful children, Levi and Jade are both in Ngahere, and Natalya is in Te Rito.

When did your association with Greenacres School start:
We started with Greenacres when Levi joined Room 1 in 2011.

What is your role on the Board of Trustees?
I joined the Board after the 2016 elections as a parent trustee and became Chair of the Board in 2017. As Chair, I am responsible for setting the agenda for and chairing our regular Board meetings, providing leadership to the Board, representing the Board to any external parties as an official spokesperson, working closely with Shirley as Principal, promoting effective communication between the Board and the school community and ensuring that concerns and complaints are dealt with according to school procedures.

Where did you spend most of your childhood?
I grew up in Invercargill – you may not be able to hear my “r’s” most of the time, but catch me after I’ve been down there for a few days and you’ll find it slipping back into my vocab!

What do you do for your day job?
I’m Team Leader of a great team of Geospatial Consultants. Basically, it means I work with maps all day! I help people to make meaningful business decisions based on location. Whether it’s helping advertisers work out where to drop their leaflets, developing franchise areas for a new business or helping students get to school on buses, location is a huge part of our everyday lives.

How do you fill your spare time?   
When I’m not on the football sideline or ferrying the kids to music and dance lessons, I love letting my crafty side loose on the sewing machine and crochet, or getting out into the garden. We also enjoy family bike rides and getting out spending nights in the bush while tramping.  

Upcoming board meetings – please join us!
Did you know that you, as a Greenacres School community member, can attend our Board of Trustees meetings if you’d like? It’s a great way to find out more information about what is happening at a governance level with our school. If you’d like more information about attending, you can chat to any of the board members. Our Term 2 meetings are as follows, at 6pm in the staffroom:
·         16 May
·         20 June

Current Board members
The current Greenacres Board of Trustee members are:
·         Mrs Sharyn Richardson – Chairperson
·         Mrs Shirley Porteous – Principal
·         Mrs Lorraine Rose – Parent Representative (Policies)
·         Mr Richard Kelly - Parent Representative (Property)
·         Mr Stu Marshall - Parent Representative (Events Committee)
·         Mr Alistair Sutton - Parent Representative (Grants/Funding)
·         Mr Brent McDowell – Staff Representative

Let us know what you think!
We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of the blog, what you want to see in future posts or if you have any questions about what you’ve read. You can contact Sharyn via email:

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